Willamette Innovators Pub Talk - Albany

Please join us for our Albany PubTalk at Deluxe Brewing. A special thanks to the City of Albany for co-sponsoring this event and to all our sponsors who make PubTalks possible

We’re highlighting local manufacturing and innovation and you don’t want to miss the speaker.

Paul King is the President and Executive Director of Ampere Scientific. Ampere Scientific is commercializing the patented award-winning Arc Position Sensing (APS) technology invented at the US Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory. APS improves vacuum arc remelting (VAR) and and electro-slag memelting processes (ESR). This allows electric arcs to be “seen” and improves process control, reduces defects, increases yield, lowers costs, and improves reliability.

Ampere Scientific is the recipient of an NSF SBIR (also known as America’s Seed Fund) Phase One grant in 2016 and two grants in 2018.

Previous to Ampere Scientific, Paul was the Director of Strategic Partnerships, Outreach, and Education at the National Energy Technology Laboratory in Albany.  Come listen to Paul talk about the Ampere Scientific’s journey.

This event is at Deluxe Brewing in Albany, OR