The Art of Re-Branding The Art of Rebranding

Marketing is not your message, branding is your message. When you find your message isn't resonating with your audience, it may be time to re-evaluate your branding. But when? And how? Join Gabriel and Kelly of Benu Creative as they unpack the process of rebranding.

We'll go through:
  • An overview of branding
  • Rebrand vs. Refresh
  • How we went from Shields Art Studios to Benu Creative
  • Why rebrand?
  • When to rebrand?
  • How to rebrand?
  • The pitfalls of rebranding...
  • The Strength of Rebranding
  • Q&A

More about the team at BeNu:

Gabriel Shields is an entrepreneur, educator, and storyteller. He provides innovative marketing solutions so businesses can better connect with their audience and have their stories heard. In addition, Gabriel has publications in a myriad of literary journals and years of experience establishing effective online and offline marketing strategies.

lly Shields is an entrepreneur, educator, and equestrian. She strategically and creatively positions businesses to become successful through branding. In a former life, Kelly was a 3D Apparel Design Specialist for Browzwear, a global 3D software company helping lead the advancement of 3D technology in the apparel industry.